Self. Centered. is the story of one woman's search to find her memory and her meaning. Will Hannah break the story or will her search for truth lead her to a place of re-writing her own story? In this novel, our heroine, Hannah Sloan is a successful journalist, living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Hannah is always searching for truth until she meets a man that would guide her to her own search for truth and love. Through flames and fury, both in her dreams and reality, Hannah finds that her own inner voice is awakened and her journey of return has just begun. This book is an inter-active experience where the reader is welcomed and encouraged, through questions and prompts along the way, to find ones own inner voice and direction. Using spiritual sources and prayers, join Hannah on her journey toward truth, inner strength and the heroism that we all have inside. Author, Shayndel Plotkin holds a Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the Pardes Institute and Hebrew College and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from Florida State University. Shayndel is also a graduate of Midreshet Rachel Seminary in Jerusalem, where she studied Jewish texts and philosophy for three years.

Self. Centered. (An Interactive Novel)


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