To Build and to be Built...

Blog 2/Week 2

"...לבנות ולהיבנות"

"To Build and to be Built..."

With the love and support of so many amazing friends we are honored to be building our Jewish home and our world together.

So much progress in such little time. From a morning of inspiration with the men to a women's moment of soulful meditation, we are already shaping our Future. Liumi Retreat is all about enriching the Mind, Body and Soul each and every day.

Thank you to all who came out this week rolled up their sleeves and helped us in so many ways with the beginning of the Retreat center.

Wishing the world a Good Shabbos! Enjoy a miraculous day of rest and renewal.

Reb Baruch and Shayndel

Liumi West Retreat

For details about how to be a part of this incredible new Retreat call Shayndel Plotkin 561-929-0675.

High Holiday Retreat details and Registration coming soon!

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Liumi is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, all donations are tax deductible 

West Delray Beach, FL 33433


Shayndel Plotkin | | 561-929-0675

Rabbi Baruch Plotkin | | 561-929-9892



Liumi was founded in loving memory of :Norman Plotkin, Nissan Chaim Ben Leibel

Our beloved father.